How the Dairy Nutrition Advisor (DNA) program brings value to your farm
Bob Reck, Dairy Sales Manager, Southern Alberta, Trouw Nutrition Canada As a member of the dairy team in Trouw Nutrition Canada, I have the opportunity to take part in the different training modules of our Dairy Nutrition Advisor program. Although I have been working in dairy nutrition for the last 15 years, I am never [...] Read More
To turn your supplier into a partner
John A. Metcalf, PhD, Ruminant Portfolio Manager, Trouw Nutrition Canada A key ALLY for your robot herd Trouw Nutrition has invested in robotic milking feeding programs right from the beginning. We have a proven track record on-farm with the knowledge, expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals. This includes training our teams – [...] Read More
Sunshine Colony Farm
Sunshine Colony has been in the dairy business since the 1950s, and Paul Walter has been the dairy manager for the past 15 years. His family, including his wife Leah and their five children also help with day to day chores. Paul’s brother Daniel helps also as the second man at the barn. Paul started [...] Read More
Ferme des Grands Prés
Pascal Roy represents the third generation of his family who has worked on the Des Grands Prés dairy farm. Even though he took over the farm’s management, his parents are still involved in the daily chores of the farm. In 2019, with the construction of a new barn, they made a transition to robotic milking. [...] Read More
Rickeen Farms
Rickeen Farms has focused on slow and steady growth for their century farm. Owned by Rick & Doreen, and Brett & Jocelyn, and with Rick’s dad, Oliver, still helping with chores, this fifth generation dairy is a great example of how multiple generations can work together to achieve their goals. In 2010, they completed a [...] Read More
Precision feeding in robotic milking herds
Dr. Greg Penner, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan Precision feeding of dairy cows is a concept that is often discussed with the implementation of robotic milking systems. Precision feeding relies on knowing the nutrient requirements of an individual cow and delivering a specific diet that meets those requirements at a given [...] Read More
Higher milk yield: a palatable robot feed to balance your PMR
Chelsea Gordon, Ruminant Technical Services Manager, Trouw Nutrition Canada Robot feeding strategies often focus on the amount of pellet offered, the nutrients in the feed bunk (Partial mixed ration or PMR) and the impact on robot visits. Too often we forget about the cow’s motivation to choose to go to be milked. Several factors influence [...] Read More
Meet your animals’ needs with precision
Martine Côté, Agr., Dairy Nutritionist, Trouw Nutrition Canada How is nutrition different with a robotic milking system? Part of the grains are fed through the robot. This motivates the cow to go to the robot to get milked. After, we need to balance the diet according to the herd’s needs while considering your farm’s economic [...] Read More