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Turn Your Supplier Into A Partner

A key ally for your robot herd

Nutrition and management in robot farms:
a total approach.

Our team of Dairy Nutrition Advisors are more than sales representatives. They are your partners and key members of your farm management team. They go through an innovative training program, unique to Trouw Nutrition, that delivers more than 200 hours of education for dairy management.

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A key point that all nutrition advisors learn throughout the Dairy Nutrition Advisor (DNA) training program is to observe your cows. What do cows tell us? Some things we may look for are: Do they lie down and chew their cud? How is their locomotion score? What is their behaviour at the feed bunk? What is their behaviour aroud the robots? Taking the time to look over and watch your cows will help us see the overall health status of your herd and leads us to investigate, uncover and suggest nutrition and management solutions to help to help improve your profitability.

Trouw Nutrition’s team of trained Dairy Nutrition Advisors have the tools to support you in meeting your goals, whether you are thinking about transitioning to this technology or currently working with milking robots.

Dairy Nutrition Advosor Approch

For every dairy farm enterprise to be successful and profitable there are many details the farm owner and/or manager and employees must take into consideration. Optimizing forage quality, cow comfort, transition cow health and time budgets are factors which should always be taken into account.

Dairy Nutrition Advisor Program

The Dairy Nutrition Advisor (DNA) program is more than just nutrition. Our team of Dairy Nutrition Advisors are trained to evaluate the entire farm, ask questions and understand our customers goals.

Ferme Beljie

Meet Jean-Luc Bellemare, Marc Bellemare, Éric Bellemare and Louise St-Yves, the owners of Beljie Farm. Two years ago, this farm “dared to” when they decided to install two milking robots in an entirely new building. With 101 lactating cows and 149 kg (328.49 lb) of quota, Beljie Farm knows how to face challenges head on.