Turn your feed strategy into precision nutrition

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Turn your feed strategy into precision nutrition

Precision nutrition for your cows

Providing high quality nutrition is the core of Trouw Nutrition’s business. We offer a unique approach backed by powerful and proven tools and strategies that help our robot customer herds meet and exceed their production goals.

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Trouw Nutrition is a pioneer in precision nutrition. For over 30 years, we have been balancing rations on amino acids rather than crude protein.

Using a comprehensive nutrition approach, Trouw Nutrition has a proven track record on farm of its robot customers meeting their production goals.

Your Robot Herd Partner - Nutrition

How is nutrition different with a robotic milking system? Part of the grains are fed through the robot. This motivates the cow to go to the robot to get milked. After, we need to balance the diet according to the herd’s needs while considering your farm’s economic goals and performance. The NEWTON® formulation program is the ideal tool to help you reach those goals.

Higher milk yield: a palatable robot feed to balance your PMR

Robot feeding strategies often focus on the amount of pellet offered, the nutrients in the feed bunk (Partial mixed ration or PMR) and the impact on robot visits. Too often we forget about the cow’s motivation to choose to go to be milked.

Precision feeding in robotic milking herds

There is considerable interest in precision feeding approaches in robotic milking systems given the ability to deliver differing amounts of concentrate and in some cases, more than one concentrate.